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12V Wireless Remote Control Jockey Wheel


(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. Do I need a special clamp to fit the Optitec Wheel to my caravan (trailer)?

A. No, the Optitec machine will fit onto a standard jockey wheel clamp - HOWEVER... if your van (trailer) is over 1500kg (3,300 lbs) (we advise fitting our double clamp bracket. This is made specifically for the Optitec Wheel and only takes a few minutes to install (see video). Clamps are supplied in the purchase price but can also be purchased separately.


Q. How is the Optitec Wheel controlled?

A The Optitec Wheel comes with a handheld remote control that works off a radio signal and has a range of 50m (164 feet). The remote control assists the user in moving the van (trailer) at a safe speed with great control and visibility at the rear, sides, and front of the caravan (trailer). This enables moving the caravan (trailer) in small spaces where a tow vehicle does not have access.



Q. Does the Optitec Wheel have its own battery?

A. No. During design and development, we decided against installing a built-in battery due to additional weight, another component to be maintained and replaced, and maintaining charge on an additional battery.


Q. Can I run the Optitec Jockey Wheel from my caravan (trailer) battery power supply?

A. Yes. The Optitec Wheel has a female receptacle for an Anderson plug. The Anderson lead can be connected to any 12V power source that can provide at least 50A and able to maintain 12volts. Suitable power sources are caravan onboard 12V systems, most vehicle, boat, and motorcycle batteries, small and large jump starters, and most accessory portable power units used to run 12V fridges.


Q. How much power does the Optitec Jockey Wheel use from my battery?

A. The Optitec machine is very efficient. It will draw about 5 or 6A under light load conditions and approximately 12 to 15A moving a heavy caravan (trailer) on smooth, level surfaces. The maximum current draw is 50 Amps under maximum load such as turning a big tandem wheel van (trailer) or traversing an incline. This means that for most normal operations the power consumed from your battery will not be significant. For example, a small 'Jump Starter' will power the Optitec Wheel for approximately ½ hr before requiring recharging.


Q. What surfaces will the Optitec Wheel work on?

A. The Optitec Wheel works very well on most surfaces including grass and gravel as you can see from our videos. However, there are many variables in surface conditions such as loose gravel, soft ground, or mud.  Just as with a 4WD a positive result is based on the skill and innovativeness of the user. For example, many skilled users have used plywood or dense rubber mats on soft or muddy ground with success.


Q. Can I operate the Optitec Jockey Wheel on an incline?

A. Although it is not specifically designed for this purpose many people use the Optitec Wheel to move their caravan or trailer on sloping driveways. Once again, this operation depends on many variables such as the % incline and surface condition. Testing was carried out using a 2500kg (5500 lbs) trailer up long ramps of 6 to 8 degrees (ratios between 1:8 to 1:10).


For this reason, we are not able to provide definitive advice on how the Optitec will perform in your situation.


Q. Is the Optitec Jockey Wheel protected against overloading?

A. Yes, the Optitec Wheel motor has full over current and over temperature protection so you can't damage it by pushing It hard. If the overload operates, the electric motor will shut down and the wheel will lock to keep it from rolling. All you need to do is press the ''O ff ' button on the Remote Control and that will reset the overload ready to go again.


Q. What is the Optitec jockey wheel made from?

A. The tyre is made from high quality rubber on an alloy wheel made specifically for the Optitec Wheel. Surface conditions vary so the wheel and tread are designed for durability and best grip in most conditions.


Q. Con I move my caravan with the Optitec Wheel wound up high?

A. No. The Optitec Wheel must be wound down to lowest position. The electric motor is powerful and may cause damage to connection components if operated in a high position.


Q. What is the maximum tow ball weight for the Optitec Wheel?

A. The Optitec Wheel is designed for a maximum tow ball weight of 350 Kg (770lbs). This is an Australian standard for Caravans (trailers).


Q. How much weight will the Optitec Wheel move?

A. The Optitec Wheel can move any caravan, float, or tradesman trailers with single or double axles up to a maximum of 3500 Kg (7700lbs). The Optitec Wheel can turn the caravan 360 degrees on its axis making U-turns easy.

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