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A family lost everything they had in a massive Motorhome explosion.

Photo by Amanda Hawley

The Copelands were on their way to a small Utah town where they once lived. The family of six was driving in their Motorhome cross-country to their new home in Veyo.

Kyle Copeland and his wife Whitney have two daughters and two sons. Kyle is an investment manager who has worked remotely all over the country because he knows that traveling with a family can be difficult. They sold their house, the family decided to travel. They bought a bus and converted it into a motorhome. This way, they could take their entire life with them.

KSL TV first spoke about this story with Kyle Copeland's father, Greg Copeland, who had just spoken to his son moments before the incident.

On Monday night, the daughter of Kyle and White reported hearing strange sounds from the propane heater. Little did she know that it would lead to one of the most spectacular explosions.

She witnessed the scene two miles away as the vehicle reportedly exploded on Center Street. Rascon said Kyle ran into the flames to rescue his youngest and eldest child.

When officials arrived on the scene, they reported seeing a yellow school bus with flames from the engine compartment, and all passengers were outside the bus.

Kyle, his younger daughter, and his eldest daughter were airlifted to nearby hospitals. Once medical personnel saw their injuries, Kyle and his eldest daughter were transported to a burn treatment center in Las Vegas. Kyles's father told Rascon that 80% of his 11 years old granddaughter's skin was covered in burns.

A mother and three children have been taken by an ambulance to a hospital after their Motorhome caught fire. The father, oldest daughter, and youngest son are also at a hospital with severe burns and in critical condition. The mother, the oldest son, the youngest daughter, and the family pet are unharmed.

Are you sure that your RV is safe?

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