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Test Drive 

If you are seriously considering a unit and would like to take it for a test drive pay the shipping to and from your address and we will send a unit for you to test for 7 days.

If you are satisfied with the wheels performance and want to purchase, we will deduct the shipping from the quoted price.

If you have a demo unit (used) and wish to purchase a new unit we will deduct the $300.00 from the new purchase price and ship free of charge. 

If you are not satisfied simply repack the wheel and we will send a shipping label and have the unit picked up.

Shipping to and from any address in the USA is $300.00. Payment can be made by selecting the button below.

Please provide us with your complete mailing address by selecting the address button below.
Terms & Conditions
(Sorry everyone. We have to protect ourselves against misuse by a few.)
1.) The payment of $300.00 covers the cost of shipping only and is not considered a deposit. The ownership of the wheel and its parts remains with the parent company Savest Pty Ltd until full payment for the products is received.
2.)  Recipient of the product is responsible for the condition of the wheel and its accessories. If damage has occurred during shipping the recipient is responsible for reporting the damage immediately on receipt of the goods. The contact details can be located on this website by selecting contact in the menu bar.
3.) The wheel and its accessories are considered purchased if the products are not return shipped within the 7-day test period unless other arrangements are made with the seller. Exceptions to this maybe a late pick up by courier or other reasonable delays. The test period is defined as 7 (seven) days including the day of receipt. 
4.) The recipient is responsible for the care of the wheel during the seven-day period and bear the cost of any repairs arising from misuse including but not limited to the following
a) Left out in the weather.
b) operating the wheel outside its design capabilities noted in the specifications
c) any action that would be considered misuse
5.) The seller may elect to send a demo unit (used). In this case photos will be taken and presented to recipient prior to shipping.
6.) We accept normal wear and tear on the tire over the 7 days being operated on varying surfaces.

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