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The Optitec wheel was designed and built by Gary Smith in Australia. Gary's background in the early days focused on mechanical and electrical systems in the automotive industry, aviation, RVs, and general electrical and mechanical fields.


He could see a need for small portable device that was capable of moving RVs, horse floats, tradesman utility trailers and boat trailers into restricted places and assist those that were not skilled at reversing trailers.

In 2006 a few prototypes were produced but it was not until 2011 that work began in earnest to develop a wireless remote controlled 12V electric jockey that was simple for anyone to use; light weight; powerful enough to move 3500kg; and interchangeable between trailers in minutes making it versatile for use with any type of trailer.

The Optitec team put the Wheel through extensive and robust testing using travel and utility trailers with concrete weights on varying surfaces. Different motors and gearboxes were tested until a product was produced that met expectations. With enormous positive feedback on the first version we are now on version 3. Each version offering some level of improvement but still carry the heart of the earlier versions that are still running strong.

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