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Read the positive comments being made from recent owners of the 12V remote controlled jockey wheel !


Terry and Julie Buckley, Queensland
....Great Service (12 October 2016)
Glen and Julie Wicks, New South Wales
.... Works well, happy with it. Should have invented this years ago (12 December 2016)
Randall and Gail McCarthy , Queensland
....Really marvelous (3 January 2017)
Ian Shearer, New South Wales
....Works well with 2300 kg {5060 lbs} trailer on slope (3 March 2017)
Marion and John Dagwell, New South Wales
.... Excellent service. Very happy with the wheel (3 May 2017)
Rod Walker, New South Wales
....Wheel works well in tight space. Great service. (9 September 2017)
Ray and Sue Ashton, New South Wales
....Running great with my 2800 kg {6160 lbs} boat and trailer (5 November 2017) 
Gary Kelly, New South Wales
....Works brilliant. Jayco Silverline travel trailer (6 November 2017)
Christine Dayle, Victoria
....Had the wheel for 4 years "fantastic" (19 January 2018)
Ray Williams, Western Australia
....Pushes my Jayco Silverline uphill. Its fantastic (15 February 2018)
Peter White, Victoria
....We have tried them all at Avan. The Optitec is the best available (15 March 2018)
Michael  Tranby, New South Wales
.... works magic. (12 April 2018)
Peter Lawrence, Victoria
....Use it to move my 3.5t caravan {7700 lbs} and am very happy with the Optitec. (2 May 2019)
Steven Mainwaring, Victoria
....It's fantastic - never misses a beat and moves my van into a tight spot. (10 August 2018)
Trevor Hourigan
....I called to say "I'm absolutely stoked - the wheel does what i need it for turning and moving our RV 
in the backyard (6 September 2018) 
Dion Veling
....Have had a wheel for 4 years and it works great! Couldn't move the RV without it. People often ask how i got it in
the tight spot. (22 September 2018) 
Michael Dixon, New South Wales
....Bought it at the caravan show and we love it. It does everything we want. (5 October 2018)
Ken Lewis , Victoria
....Had it for a few years for our 24' Olympic van and it moves the caravan 90 degrees on the spot to the back of the house. (23 February 2019)
Phil Hedger, Northern Territories 
....Had it for 4 years. Bought it in Darwin and it works great. (13 February 2019)
Wayne & Vikki , Unknown
....We love our wheel and use it to park in a very tight spot even on  steep incline, Happy to recommend. (30 April 2019)
Terry Roberts, Western Australia
....Had the Optitec for over three years and it's still going strong. (3 May 2019)
Daniel  Deseray, Western Australia
....I'm a handyman and use the Optitec to move my two trailers for work all the time - very happy! (3 May 2019)
Jim Choimes, New South Wales
....Love the wheel for my boat - makes is so easy. (15 September 2019)
Les Clarke, South Australia
....Had the Optitec for five years and I love it. Couldn't get the van in or out of the spot where we store it without the Optitec. (15 October 2019)
Mark Scales, Victoria
....Moving the van into the shed it's brilliant. (24 October 2019)
Rob Bishop
....22' van and screw it around into very tight spot and couldn't live without it - my two mated bought one too after seeing how well mine works. (22 November 2019)
Aaron Caruana, Victoria
....Thanks for the wheel - it makes my life easy and I tell people all the time. (26 November 2019)
Mark Schofield, New South Wales
....Push my 2100kg {4620 lbs} boat up an incline of 8 degrees. (27 February 2020)
Bev Trewin
....Hello again. Each time my husband moves the van I am compelled to congratulate you again on your product. He can actually reverse anything into any space, but by putting the van front first into our garage we are easily able to access the door. The other benefit is there is no yelling instructions as he takes it out of a tight space. Top product 👍👍 (29 March 2020)
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