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Revolutionize Your Caravan Experience Tug Wheel's Maneuvering Power


Are you tired of struggling to maneuver your caravan or trailer in tight spaces? Look no further than the Tug Wheel - a revolutionary solution designed to make your towing experience effortless. This article addresses the most frequently asked questions about the Tug Wheel, providing you with all the information you need to enhance your caravan maneuverability.

Attaching the Tug Wheel

The Tug Wheel can be easily attached to a standard jockey wheel clamp. However, for caravans (trailers) exceeding 1500kg (3,300 lbs), we recommend our specially designed double clamp bracket for optimal performance.

Handheld Remote Control

Equipped with a handheld remote control operating through a radio signal, the Tug Wheel offers precise control within a range of 50m (164 feet). This allows you to maneuver your caravan (trailer) and enhance visibility easily.

No Built-in Battery

To avoid additional weight, maintenance requirements, and battery replacement, the Tug Wheel does not have a built-in battery. Instead, it can be connected to any 12V power source capable of delivering at least 50A and maintaining 12 volts. This includes caravan onboard 12V systems, vehicle, boat, and motorcycle batteries, jump starters, and portable power units.

Efficiency and Power Consumption

The Tug Wheel is highly efficient, drawing approximately 5-6A under light load conditions and 12-15A when moving a heavy caravan (trailer) on smooth, level surfaces. The maximum current draw is 50 Amps under extreme loads, such as turning a big tandem wheel van (trailer) or traversing an incline. In normal operations, the power your battery consumes will not be significant.

Versatile Performance on Various Surfaces

The Tug Wheel performs excellently on most surfaces, including grass and gravel. However, loose gravel, soft ground, or mud can affect its performance. Skilled users have achieved positive results by using plywood or dense rubber mats on soft or muddy ground.

Operating on Sloping Driveways

Although not specifically designed for this purpose, many users have successfully employed the Tug Wheel to move their caravan or trailer on sloping driveways. Performance may vary depending on the incline percentage and surface conditions, making providing definitive advice for every situation difficult.

Comprehensive Overload Protection

Rest assured that the Tug Wheel's motor is equipped with comprehensive over-current, and over-temperature protection. This ensures that you can push it hard without causing any damage. If the overload protection is triggered, the electric motor will shut down, and the wheel will lock. Simply press the "Off" button on the Remote Control to reset the overload and resume operation.

Durable Construction

The Tug Wheel features a high-quality rubber tire mounted on an alloy wheel, specifically designed for durability and optimal grip on various surfaces.

Optimal Positioning for Operation

Before operating the Tug Wheel, it is crucial to wind it down to its lowest position. Operating a powerful electric motor in a high position may cause damage to connection components.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Designed in accordance with Australian standards for caravans (trailers), the Tug Wheel is capable of handling a maximum tow ball weight of 350 Kg (770 lbs).

Effortless Maneuverability

With its impressive weight-handling capacity, the Tug Wheel can effortlessly move caravans, floats, or tradesman trailers with single or double axles up to a maximum weight of 3500 Kg (7700 lbs). Its 360-degree maneuverability enables easy U-turns, making towing a breeze.


Bid farewell to the challenges of maneuvering your caravan or trailer and embrace the convenience and control offered by the Tug Wheel. With its user-friendly operation, compatibility with various power sources, and impressive weight-handling capacity, the Tug Wheel is your ultimate solution for stress-free towing. Experience the difference today and take your caravan adventures to new heights with the Tug Wheel.

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